सराव प्रश्नसंच क्र. १०

सराव प्रश्नसंच क्र. १०

महत्वाचा प्रश्नसंच सोडवा

Leaderboard: सराव प्रश्नसंच क्र. १०

maximum of 25 points
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  1. Atul Patil says

    Nice Question

  2. Akshay Kokani says

    Nice Question pepper

  3. vishal kanade says

    Perfect knowledge

  4. Pornima says

    Thanks sir/mam for online test…keep it up

  5. Vaibhav Naikare says

    It’s good for the aspirants to improve thier knowledge.Thanks

  6. Neeta patil says

    Nice work and thanks nmk team

  7. Sonali deshmukh says

    So very important

  8. Sandhya says


  9. Vishal V Tajane says

    Very Nice test

  10. Nayna R.Lilhare says


  11. Bhavesh says

    No.1 app NMK

  12. Bhavesh says

    No.1 app NMk knoledge ke hisabse

  13. Bhavesh says

    No.1 knoledge ke hisabse

  14. Shubham Thorat says

    Good Questions

  15. Subham Anwade says

    Good question

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